Nicole Monroe is a girl with a guitar, a voice, and stories to share. The quirky, New York native began writing as an outlet for a shy and disconnected 13-year-old, finding a way to relate to others while voicing her thoughts and opinions through song. Most of her teenage years were spent recording tapes of original songs in her parents’ Long Island home, sharing them with friends and handing them out at local Open Mic events. She states, “I had always been drawn to the emotion behind everything–be it a song, a movie, sometimes even a news article,” and she has a knack for eloquently expressing emotion through her art. Audiences from Boston, Massachusetts down to Charlotte, North Carolina have experienced the joy, fear, and pain in every word and chord when Monroe performs.

In 2005, Nicole took a grassroots approach and self-engineered/ produced a five-song acoustic EP entitled Notebooks and Pencils, which was predominantly sold at live shows. She has now released her sophomore EP, Just A Kid with Sharon Road West Music. Just A Kid is a collection of artistic rock songs that draws listeners in with engaging musical arrangements and hard-hitting lyrics. First-time listeners will experience an emotional ebb and flow throughout the EP and Monroe wastes no time introducing them to her craft when hitting play. While fans may be accustomed to the mellow, acoustic performer, she and Nashville Producer Sean Power (John Hampson, Blake Lewis), deliver a new, full-band sound on this record.

Nicole’s passion does not end with music. She is a big advocate for charitable work and is donating a percentage of proceeds from Just A Kid to local Non-Profit Organizations that cater to the underserved.
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